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~A welcoming note~

 I’m excited to share my little world to everyone. As well as my short stories , poems and some random rantings here  After a few years of writing short stories and poetry for myself to read, I finally have the courage to let it out, thanks to my friends who encouraged me to do this. Also thanks to many others, and those who really supports me in my passion.

Sharing is a bliss. I hope that my little world will inspire someone, someday just like I was inspired by the many stories of people I met.

 Right now I’m busy improving my writing along with many other things. It ain’t easy to multitask hehe…

…..I specially dedicate this blog  for my friends who believe in me and always back me up to support me in writing … I’m so inspired that I made a blog despite my hectic… very hectic schedules~ so



you may like, share and follow my post~




happy reading

ciao for now!


xo Yangmei