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New Friend. New Lesson Learned

I think it’s about time to update this blog a little. Well I have some stories on the way, but I haven’t got the time to edit them yet. I’m doing really good at distracting myself from writing lol. So yes. I’m going to post some random post for now.

Well, I’ve been busy between teaching English, writing (here goes) and learning Mandarin.

Yep. That’s right. I’m learning mandarin. Well, some would have say I have fallen for some Chinese guy. But that’s not really the reason to learn a new language, is it? Okay may be a good reason, I admit. haha. But I’ve been on it since I was young. How young? Like 10 years ago. Oh my god. Now that I come to think about it, I’m turning, err, 21 this year. And I’m freaking out at how time flies by like a butterfly!

But then again, there is wisdom in getting old. Take a new friend I made, for example. Spending some years abroad, I’m someone who always love to met random people from anywhere, everywhere. I can’t be left in a place without meeting a new friend or two. But it’s amazing how internet can really make a strong connection anywhere. Take a new website I have found out two days ago (; I like the people I met there. I’m overwhelmed. That’s where I met Miriam (I should call her Auntie because she could be older than my mother..but I never got around it). Miriam… just mentioning her name put a smile on my face. I just can’t help to be fond of her. We clicked the instant we talked via skype, regarding the age gap, she’s pretty cool for me. Miriam is a Chinese woman who lives in Vancouver for 13 years. Talking to her always make me feel that I’m reading a history book and there’s nothing better than a talking book for an obsessed talkative book-lover

Nobody would ever complain about me being too quite. The adventurous side of me and my thirst for human experience made me a non-stop walkie talkie. It’s true. I could talk for hours and never run out of things to talk about, I never know where I got that since my family is quite the opposite. Sometimes I find it too hard to stop talking, I pity the person who would be lock with me in a room for a day. He would have to put up with my nonstop story telling.

Anyway something changed about my point of view after my four-hours long talk with Miriam last night (I slept at 4am). I’ve opened my mind to some things I never even thought about, I understood the Chinese culture better and I am more captivated by it. As a payment for such priceless stories, all I could give her was some grammar rules. But my session with Miriam will always be the most excited part of my day. Or night. haha

Well, my Mandarin isn’t good yet. god, the four tones is driving me completely insane, I sounded stupid saying ‘hao‘ in four tones and they all sound the same to me. I sounded like a howling dog when I do it, even my family have to put up with it too! lol

So if you’re one to learn Madarin or any other language, my advice would be get someone to teach you. Who knows what kind of people you will meet? So far, I have been lucky to meet a writer, a history teller, and some nice people who can really put up with my nonsense humor and share some interesting stories.

Zai Jian for now.