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The Cheating League


It started as a game
You told me you love me
I said I love you too
The clocked ticked
And the game begun
but who played it better
was hard to say
Along the way
One would lose
another would win
You melted my cold heart
and I almost lost the game
but honey don’t forget
I started this game
I should be the one
Owning this play
And remember
You haven’t won
Anything yet
You piece of shit


We could have been

love couple

We could have been more than friends
If we only gave “us” a chance
But we chose to be on the safe side
I should have told you
“I love you too”
When you said one night
“I love you so”
But I was a coward afraid to lose what we had
The friendship, trust and companionship that we shared
And now I still wonder what might have become of us

We could have been more than friends
If I was just honest to what I felt back then
If I wasn’t thinking about you and her
If he didn’t come to me first before you did
But you were my best friend
The one I confided about every silly things
Whom I ran to when I had troubles with him
Even though I knew it was hurting you too

We could have been more than friend
But you were also a coward
Afraid to lose what we had
The comfort, laughter and tears we shared
I was as uncertain as you were
Of the growing fondness between us
But you didn’t say a word till he got me fallen
So you thought you were forgotten
But boy, you were mistaken for I regret letting you go
And it was too late to let you know
Because you found someone new
So here I am, wondering
What could have become of us?
If we only gave “us” a chance
But we both chose to be on the safe side



In a place where I didn’t expect to find it, I found love
To the person whom I didn’t expect to feel it, I fell in love
How did that happen? I still wonder so
But I could only recall the memories and oh!

I reminisced with a smile despite the pain inside
I remembered how we didn’t like each other for a while
Then one day you just asked me for a ride
What a crazy little favor on my side

It was the start of a new bond
Where two strangers become fond
Every ride was a chance of a long conversation
Where you and I began to feel that connection

You let me see the real you, the one no one else knew
You let me hear what’s inside you, things I hope I can blew
You listened to what I had to say, it didn’t matter who I am
You valued my opinion, young and naive as I am

Everyday with you, I started to feel something new
Every ride with you, it was hard to say adieu
At night, I can’t sleep with the thoughts of you
Every day I find it hard to breathe when I’m with you

When it was finally time to say goodbye
I can only say what I felt was not a lie
I wanted to see more of you
If only you let me stay beside you

Don’t take me for a fool; I knew you cared about me too!
I didn’t find it hard to give a chance for us two
Just a little trust and a bit more love, don’t ponder
But you chose to let go and I was left to wonder

I knew you have her…but do you love her?
Ah, I knew the answer don’t bother
So, don’t tell me you’ll leave her if you can’t bear to lose her
Because I will be left to hope forever

I finally understand how it feels to love till it hurts
But now it’s time to move on
I won’t be waiting for your explanation
Thank you for giving me your short attention




Tonight the stars are so bright
The moon beams outside my window
Not a day or night passed by
When I don’t think of you

Tonight I wish to write something else
But my hand would only write your name
Then a symphony of love songs
Could be written in this poem

Tonight is especially cold
I wish you could hold me in your arms
Protect me from the cold of solitude
But I know that day would come

Tonight I wish you could sleep well
Because I dreamed about you again
That we could finally be together
Do you have the same dream too?



He was bored and I was lonely
We met up one day for a one night fun
He picked me up in his red car
We rode and talked for awhile
Found ourselves some place with a bed
No turning back, no regrets
He kissed me, I kissed back
We slowly got undress
Underneath the thin white blanket
Our bodies merged like we’re meant to be together
it felt so right, his body against mine
Our passion took us to another world
A few hours later we decided to part
Back in his car, we talked and shared our own stories
We laughed and joked like two couple does
At the passenger seat, sitting beside him
I saw his smiles and I wished I could touch his lips again
He told me his troubles and I wanted to comfort him
But who am I, really?
Just a stranger who merely knew his name
I wish he was mine, but he wasn’t
I wish it happened with love between us
Yet I knew better than to expect
More than a slight kiss for a goodbye

Heed to my voice, my dear child


My child,

How fast time goes by! It seemed like only yesterday, you were just my little girl but you now posses a body and heart of a young woman like I was in my days. You are now ready to find the sole purpose of your existence, how little I see of your daring needs. My eyes didn’t escape the way you look at him but my innocent foolish girl, I warn you; Don’t be tricked by his wicked smile, don’t be fooled by his little attention for you realize soon that he’s not for you. There’s a woman and a home waiting for him, don’t let your vulnerable heart fall for this kind of man. Don’t love in this kind of way because even him can’t save you from the pain and regrets you would feel when his love fails

My girl, you are no longer my little baby, you can now make your own choices but you are still young and inexperience where love is concern.
So listen to what I have to say; you need a man, but not with such burden.
Find the one you can be proud of; A man you can show to your father; a man who would stand with you without his shame or yours in his shadow. My child, guard your weak heart for it doesn’t choose whom to love only you can make that choice but heed to my voice and be with a man who doesn’t have to choose between you and her

My child, go and explore, meet the man of your destiny, the one you can call only yours. Don’t be in a hurry for love that you’d want a share with someone else. Let her have what is hers to have and yours to yourself.
You are young and beautiful and the days are long ahead of you
See the world and find the one solely yours… my beautiful, precious child!

My Sanctuary


When home can’t give me the peace I need
It’s your name that I call the most
Your friendship has saved me
From countless of dangerous thoughts
You’re a shoulder to lean on
When I’m too weak to stand on my own
You accepted me for who I am
When I felt ugly and worthless
You become my only hope
When it felt like I have none
You became a sanctuary for
My wondering soul
It seems like time never change
Every time we meet
As if the time has never flown
Like we’re never apart
I’m blessed to know such person
Could be true like a mirror
You helped me see myself
In a better light and picture
And now it’s time to return the favor
I’ll be your sanctuary when you
Feel that you have no where to go
Just call my name, dear friend
And I’ll be there for you, for always