Behind these walls


“Behind these walls are my dreams of tomorrow
My vision of the future, my mission in life
Yes I’m young, I’m confuse, I’m hurting but I’m also learning
I have many insecurities, weakness and failures
But I dared to dream, I dared to hope, I dared to fight for what I want
To get me pass these walls that tests me, almost driving me insane
But I won’t give up, I will be strong as time goes by
Because walls are made to test us how much we want something
I’ll find a way to reach my dreams, climb these walls and get there soon
It will take some time but I will get there, pass behind these walls”


One thought on “Behind these walls

  1. Ah, you posted your poets in such short term.that’s proofing how gifed you literally are !I appreciated your sprits of pursuit the dreams. Not only the dreamer,but a doer .In Chinese we call it zhui meng 追梦

    I must to say that your poets were excellent .they grabed me so easily with the words that simplistic but not simple-minded.the sentences full with the elaborate images and conceits, typically using an intellectual form of argumentation to express emotional states. It’s the characters of the metaphysical poet that I learned through the reading occasionally. I supposed that the accurate definition for you ?

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