Heed to my voice, my dear child


My child,

How fast time goes by! It seemed like only yesterday, you were just my little girl but you now posses a body and heart of a young woman like I was in my days. You are now ready to find the sole purpose of your existence, how little I see of your daring needs. My eyes didn’t escape the way you look at him but my innocent foolish girl, I warn you; Don’t be tricked by his wicked smile, don’t be fooled by his little attention for you realize soon that he’s not for you. There’s a woman and a home waiting for him, don’t let your vulnerable heart fall for this kind of man. Don’t love in this kind of way because even him can’t save you from the pain and regrets you would feel when his love fails

My girl, you are no longer my little baby, you can now make your own choices but you are still young and inexperience where love is concern.
So listen to what I have to say; you need a man, but not with such burden.
Find the one you can be proud of; A man you can show to your father; a man who would stand with you without his shame or yours in his shadow. My child, guard your weak heart for it doesn’t choose whom to love only you can make that choice but heed to my voice and be with a man who doesn’t have to choose between you and her

My child, go and explore, meet the man of your destiny, the one you can call only yours. Don’t be in a hurry for love that you’d want a share with someone else. Let her have what is hers to have and yours to yourself.
You are young and beautiful and the days are long ahead of you
See the world and find the one solely yours… my beautiful, precious child!


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