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Chinese Proficiency Test

august 21 2014

I woke up this afternoon asking myself how slow I was moving forward in my Chinese proficiency. While I admit there is no hurry to be fluent in Chinese mandarin, I did commit myself in a goal that by December of 2014, I would achieve at least a conversational fluency which is enough to use for my exchange language. I seem to be forgetting that because I was too busy thinking of ways to have more business that I had forgotten the commitments I made to myself. Thanks to constant reminders of my Chinese friends who are waiting for me to have time for them, I feel guilty that I’m falling behind my studies and disappointing a lot of people who would love to learn some English in exchange for Chinese lessons.

So, I will get back on tract again, while I still can catch up but before doing that I tested myself how much I know using online CPT. The result didn’t made me happy nor sad. I could say it’s mama-huhu (so-so) because I know I could have done better if I was as keen as I used to be in self-studying.

Online schooling will teach you how to manage your time and how to be committed. At school, we learn to blame the teachers or our classmates if we fail, but online schooling taught me that no one is responsible for your own education but yourself. If you have discipline, know your priorities and take responsibility in what you do, you can get a good grade. If not, well… you know there’s no one to blame. 

Well, enough guilt and self-blame. I guess I gotta do what I can to catch up. Can you believe that it’s almost -ber months and in a few more months… it will be a new year? Time will never stop for no one. Do what you can do day. Because sometimes “later” becomes “never”.

Anyway, anyone wants to exchange language with me? If you know the standard mandarin, I’ll be happy to make another friend and learn from one another. thanks!




No pain. No gain.

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There is no such thing as easy in this world. If you want something bad, you have to do something to get it. It’s funny how human crave for something they don’t have, while someone else is wishing to be in their place.

While we remind ourselves to be satisfied for what we have, we still work on gaining what we don’t have, and if we want them really bad, we are willing to make sacrifices.

I would never forget the day that I gave my all and made sacrifices just to have a better tomorrow. But I know that a year from now, I would thank myself for not listening to what people say, for taking the risk, for trying, for not giving up. There are just some days you are filled with emotions; that moment when you  just want to stop dreaming, give up and just be satisfied for what you have: A shelter, clothes, enough food, and warm family.

But when we have a shelter, we want it to be in our name. When we have food, we want it to be delicious. When we have clothes, we want it to be stylish, or at least presentable. And when we have a warm family… we want to give them the best that we can give them.

So why be satisfied when you know you can have better with just a little pain and hard work…or may be more?

This morning, I heard my dad matter a complain about life. I told him to better get to work because I don’t want to listen to such negativity. While you don’t have what you are  trying to get, stop complaining and instead work on them. It would make you productive and less negative. I know people think I dream so big, it’s ridiculous. But please, dreaming is the only free in this world and if you still deprive yourself of it, then you are missing something that makes life a little bit more meaningful.

And you can only stop dreaming when you start doing it. Every accomplishments start with the decision to try… what’s the lost in trying anyway? It will either get you there, or you will learn something that will get you there. Besides, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain.

Happy trying 🙂

Write! Write! Write!



It’s 11th of August baby!

11 is my favorite number. Long story.

Anyway, I finally made a few changes here and because of some personal reasons, I can only write a post every once in while. Hope you guys like the changes. Woo hoo. I’m gaining more supports from my friends here and abroad and that motivates me to write better 🙂

Sadly… I need to freeze posting a new story or poem that I might put in my book as I need to submit them for 54th UP National Writers Workshop now accepting applications on April 15 2015. I will try to submit 20% of my book manuscript to be eligible for their workshop and hopefully I can be granted access to their workshop as I know it would really help me improve. I’m also trying to get into more writing workshops and meet writers, authors and book lovers. It really frustrates me that it’s so hard to find a writing workshop here, and if there is, either it’s hard to enter or really expensive for me.

There’s a writing workshop happening on Sept.6 2014 at Writer’s Block and if anyone is interested, you can Google it. It’s only PHP 1,800.

If you want to find out more workshop just Google Panitikan and you will see many workshops.

Also, you might want to try Talkshop. They have writing workshop, but call their hotline ans ask how much, you would surely think twice. :). Planning to enroll there soon but for now, I would try to get into workshop that I can afford.

And because there’s little support for writers here, I want to build a club/group for writers and book lovers where we can share ideas, blogs, our creative writing and even hang out! That would be great, right? If you are interested, please join my group: I would be glad to meet you one of these days!

I’d say! Despite everything, as a writer, I’ve been pretty productive, I’m continuing working on my book. I’ve also been busying myself with business matters and gaining networks worldwide. So far, so good. Even though sometimes, I feel that it isn’t enough I always need to remind myself to take one step at a time.

Trying to sleep normally is a really hard, so might as well be productive while I’m awake. I thank my friend and ex office-mate who encourage me to make this blog, if not for her, I would still probably wondering how to make myself be known to the world as a writer. She’s a freelance writer and now a future travel writer. Would be looking forward to read about her adventure. I might as well share her blog here soon.

So much writing to do, ne?


write more,

xo Yangmei