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A December to Remember

Thrilling. Exciting. Scary and most of, happy.

That’s how I would describe my December this year.

A lot of things can change. In a day, life can change so drastically, just because of one single decision, one action, one word. It’s funny how life has always been that way, yet we are still, as always, surprised.

More than once in our lives, we’ll make big, reckless decisions.

That’s how my life changed. Just a few exchange words with someone, a really reckless, mindless (and some would even say, stupid)  decision, made my life changed, in ways that is beyond my wildest imagination. And I’ve never found myself this happy, despite the situation I’m in. I would, in fact, regret nothing of my past decisions, because in some odd, crazy, weird way, they all had led me right here, with the arms of someone I never thought I’d even date. Someone I think I could not live without, now.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I know the usual murmurs of people who had read those lines. I’m fucking in love, alright? I used to be that someone who rolled my eyes every time I read those lines on facebook, or anywhere. I even hate Twilight because it shows two people really addicted to each other. Yeah, I write love stories, but I had not loved, until I bled, to the point of death. Not until about four months ago, when I started playing of the idea.

Until a certain, persistent, annoying, dominating, assuming, yet funny guy knocked on my qq acount. Someone who I never thought would go along way, from thousand of miles away, just to meet me.

I date. I play around. Like it really wasn’t a big deal. Sometimes, I think I just like to be attached to someone so I could write a really nice story about it, someone that could trigger my emotions and use that for writing purposes.

But now here I am, living with the most unusual love story of all, that I would be happy to repeat to my grandchildren over and over again. And if even I make a story out of my own personal life, I doubt people would believe it really happened. I still couldn’t believe it myself. I fall hard, even before I was ready.

Was that a mistake? If so, it would be the best mistake I ever made in my life.

I’ve always appreciated my mistake, my poor decisions, and my reckless actions. I don’t take much criticism on myself which I realized is actually a blessing. There are just some mistakes, bad decisions and mindless action that I’m glad I made, because without it, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I know, some would say I’m that naive. but would I let myself suffer today for some mistakes I did in the past? Hell no, life is too short for that. What we thought as a blessing today could turn as a cursed tomorrow. What we think as a good news today, could turn bad tomorrow. And what we never expect usually are the things that happens.We’ll never know and life is thrilling and scary that way. That’s why we have to savor every laughs that we’ll have. We all want to freeze the time with every happy moment of our lives, and because we can’t, we’ll just have to make the most when we make the happiest moments. if you make a mistake, learn from it, then live on. Move on.

Right now,  I’m curling with my guy on a cold day of December 24th 2014. It’s raining, for goodness sake and I don’t care if it’s Christmas but we won’t be going out. We both hate the rain and we both don’t like the cold weather. I don’t know what’s for dinner tonight, since I won’t be cooking. I burnt the breakfast this morning, so I doubt I’m allowed to touch the stove. But even if it’s just egg and bread, I guess tonight would be the best Christmas Eve I would ever celebrate in my life. My guy doesn’t give much importance on Christmas so we may watch movies together, or he would watch English movie and I would watch Chinese movie, while holding hands.

and that, my friends, is how I would celebrate Christmas this year. I may be far away from you my precious (Trixie, Carla, Anne, Charlene, Kristine and of course, Kyra) and to everyone, but I will always think of your with love.

Merry Christmas.