Let the year begin~

2015 is here and though the year is only starting, I’m not thrilled to face January or the upcoming months. I would love for December to freeze, but as time would have it, December passes too damn quickly. This might not be a very positive post of the day, but I just want to rant.

How could this be a good year when it means parting with someone you’d die just to be with, and yet you have no choice but to let it go because of your own naivety. It’s hard to fight FATE because in the end, it always win. No matter what you plan in months ahead, life has just have its own twisted way to make you not have YOUR way easy.

But am I the one to sit and cry just because of a few ordeals this year? Heck no. I’d fight to kill the loneliness that will creep me at the middle of the night, hugging the pillow in replace of someone so warm, fighting with tears in my eyes and the hope of a sooner reunion. I have at latest 2 months left to savor each moment, though it will be so hard, it’s my self-punishment for being so damn selfish, without any regard for consequences.

Thanks to a few years back, when I faced hell in life even before I’m ready for it, I’ve gotten strong, so strong that I think nothing could timber my will power. I’ve gotten use to my ill fortunes that I just laugh it off lol. And each year, life gives such a pleasant (and not SO pleasant) surprises that seemed so out of my league. But whatever, ranting done. Come, 2015, test me all you want!

I have the feeling that I’m going through a lot of stuff this year. But enough worries, and just enjoy the moment. Get smarter, stay beautiful (no matter what bitches sez) and be STRONGER: just some of my new year mantra.

So, let this year begin.


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