Hi there!!

I’m a self-proclaimed writer, avid reader, moon lover and muscles-fetish.

I love learning a new language and I’m currently learning Mandarin. And I’m so glad to have so many people help me learn the language.

I’m in love with life, in love with people, in love with nature, in love with the moon, in love with writing, in love with literature and just… in love with love.

I just love, love ,love…. life!… I’m just that in love with life.


I like making friends, meeting people, random conversation, having a long walk, talking over a cup of coffee., writing here and there…

I’m probably that random girl who will give you a smile on the street for no reason at all, or that girl who will ask you a random question and make a small talk…and the next thing you know, you can’t stop her. haha

I’m so fortunate to have so many crazy adventures that had led me to my creativity. Specially in the field of love, but I found out that love is too deep to dig deep. The more you find its meaning, the more confused you get, the less you understand it. It’s like finally stepping in the wide ocean to swim after years of dreaming to be near to it but you are so overwhelmed by its beauty, you get excited t o swim on it that you have forgotten you don’t even know how to swim! And when you finally learned to swim, you decided to take risks and take the big waves, then get drowned. Some people will have phobia in the water after that, others are just too darn stubborn and risked to be there again anyway. haha. Same applies for love, right? Everyone write about it, talk about it, dream about it, think they really know what it means but only a f ew people really understand it. I have to admit that despite loving so much till it hurts, it’s still a mystery to me. It’s something I would want time to let me find out because I know someday, someone doesn’t even have to use words to make me understand what it means.

But one of  the most fulffiling you can do in life  is to find yourself. Everyone finds themselves a different times. You just have to make a room for it. I think self-realization and finding real happiness from within is one of the most fulfilling search. It’s because you finally stop looking for happiness from anyone after realizing real happiness is a choice, it’s a state of mind.

And sometimes, in the middle of finding ourselves, we learn more about life and somany  things it can offer to us. It doesn’t matter if you lose it or find it, dropped it or stumbled upon it. as long as you know, when you found it, you won’t be the same person again.

So I’m taking my time. I’m way pass confusion, curiosity and rebellion. I’m taking my time to make my mistakes, learn from it, and just enjoy what I have today, what I can do today. Life is too short, as the cliche goes… but seriously, life isn’t that short to be in a hurry to do everything at once. Find time to dream, to get lost, to hope, to love, to be angry,… make rooms for mistakes, tears, resentments, confusions. All these are great feelings to know that you are alive! The good news is, you are not alone and you are never alone, you only think you are. But think of billions of people and what they are going through.. everyone will feel every feelings there is in the dictionary. That’s why it’s in the dictionary… because it exists. And yet those who had been through the worst are not strong, but they survived and become strong.

and to us self-proclaimed writers, here are a few words from yours truly;

As long as you express your feelings of sorrow, love, happiness, and anything under the moon, however you want it… it’s your own piece of art. Don’t be afraid to show off your works and also don’t forget to support fellas like you who just want to express themselves through writing. 


Thanks for reading. Happy browsing 

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