Write! Write! Write!



It’s 11th of August baby!

11 is my favorite number. Long story.

Anyway, I finally made a few changes here and because of some personal reasons, I can only write a post every once in while. Hope you guys like the changes. Woo hoo. I’m gaining more supports from my friends here and abroad and that motivates me to write better 🙂

Sadly… I need to freeze posting a new story or poem that I might put in my book as I need to submit them for 54th UP National Writers Workshop now accepting applications on April 15 2015. I will try to submit 20% of my book manuscript to be eligible for their workshop and hopefully I can be granted access to their workshop as I know it would really help me improve. I’m also trying to get into more writing workshops and meet writers, authors and book lovers. It really frustrates me that it’s so hard to find a writing workshop here, and if there is, either it’s hard to enter or really expensive for me.

There’s a writing workshop happening on Sept.6 2014 at Writer’s Block and if anyone is interested, you can Google it. It’s only PHP 1,800.

If you want to find out more workshop just Google Panitikan and you will see many workshops.

Also, you might want to try Talkshop. They have writing workshop, but call their hotline ans ask how much, you would surely think twice. :). Planning to enroll there soon but for now, I would try to get into workshop that I can afford.

And because there’s little support for writers here, I want to build a club/group for writers and book lovers where we can share ideas, blogs, our creative writing and even hang out! That would be great, right? If you are interested, please join my group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539111239643566 I would be glad to meet you one of these days!

I’d say! Despite everything, as a writer, I’ve been pretty productive, I’m continuing working on my book. I’ve also been busying myself with business matters and gaining networks worldwide. So far, so good. Even though sometimes, I feel that it isn’t enough I always need to remind myself to take one step at a time.

Trying to sleep normally is a really hard, so might as well be productive while I’m awake. I thank my friend and ex office-mate who encourage me to make this blog, if not for her, I would still probably wondering how to make myself be known to the world as a writer. She’s a freelance writer and now a future travel writer. Would be looking forward to read about her adventure. I might as well share her blog here soon.

So much writing to do, ne?


write more,

xo Yangmei


Truly July

I know it’s not yet too late to say hello to July. Things have been pretty hectic lately, I’m only at home but I feel like time isn’t enough to do things I want to do. There’s so much writing to be done, so much study to do and there’s that little matter of work.

I really thank God for all the opportunities he’s given me. I don’t know where to start, but I know it’s only the beginning  of my year. And I’m going to make sure that I’m going to make most of it.

Last night, I applied and submitted my articles to WIM (When in Manila) it’s a popular websites for reviews. I know I have a long way to go, have so much things I need to learn to become a published writer. I want to find my own voice in writing, improve my writing style and widen my vocabulary. It’s not easy to do so many things at the same time, but I have a strong will to go after my dream.

I’m not just a dreamer. I’m a doer. I wake up each day knowing what I want to do in my life and I work hard to make sure that I’m getting closer. It’s not an easy journey but it sure is fun and definitely worth it

Something BIG!

It’s been such a long time since my last post. I’ve been busy with writing, posting in some blogs I joined and doing exchange language.

I gotta say that my day is never boring. There are even times when I would only stop writing at 4am, sleep and write the moment I wake up again.

And this morning, I decided to start working on the lay out of my first ever book and I want to publish it this year. That’s right! I got over the shyness to show off my work and I have now the guts to even self-published my poems and give it to friends and family and hopefully sell a few of them.

Of course, I’m not expecting to profit on my first book. Besides, just seeing them in the hands of my love ones is more than enough. I can’t wait to collaborate with some people and I know this would be a great adventure! I’m really excited and full of butterflies.

I just can’t believe that I’m really doing something I’ve been dreaming to do a long time ago. It took me 10 years to have the courage to do it and I don’t even need somebody to push me to do it. I’m writing short stories, had written many poems and earning from writing in some websites and now I’m even thinking to publish this year. I’m overwhelmed, if this is a dream, please don’t wake me up.

Of course, there’s work to do first before I celebrate. I need to make sure that I comply to the law about writing and copyrighted works. I’m going to talk  to some of my friends to collaborate with me and I have a few people in mind.

So, I guess I would be writing all for the rest of the year and of course, I’m still learning mandarin and I do want to be fluent at it, but this time… I’m in no hurry. There is no more reason for me to do so.

All is well. It’s better to lose love than not to have loved at all.

xxx Yangmei

The Cheating League


It started as a game
You told me you love me
I said I love you too
The clocked ticked
And the game begun
but who played it better
was hard to say
Along the way
One would lose
another would win
You melted my cold heart
and I almost lost the game
but honey don’t forget
I started this game
I should be the one
Owning this play
And remember
You haven’t won
Anything yet
You piece of shit

We could have been

love couple

We could have been more than friends
If we only gave “us” a chance
But we chose to be on the safe side
I should have told you
“I love you too”
When you said one night
“I love you so”
But I was a coward afraid to lose what we had
The friendship, trust and companionship that we shared
And now I still wonder what might have become of us

We could have been more than friends
If I was just honest to what I felt back then
If I wasn’t thinking about you and her
If he didn’t come to me first before you did
But you were my best friend
The one I confided about every silly things
Whom I ran to when I had troubles with him
Even though I knew it was hurting you too

We could have been more than friend
But you were also a coward
Afraid to lose what we had
The comfort, laughter and tears we shared
I was as uncertain as you were
Of the growing fondness between us
But you didn’t say a word till he got me fallen
So you thought you were forgotten
But boy, you were mistaken for I regret letting you go
And it was too late to let you know
Because you found someone new
So here I am, wondering
What could have become of us?
If we only gave “us” a chance
But we both chose to be on the safe side



In a place where I didn’t expect to find it, I found love
To the person whom I didn’t expect to feel it, I fell in love
How did that happen? I still wonder so
But I could only recall the memories and oh!

I reminisced with a smile despite the pain inside
I remembered how we didn’t like each other for a while
Then one day you just asked me for a ride
What a crazy little favor on my side

It was the start of a new bond
Where two strangers become fond
Every ride was a chance of a long conversation
Where you and I began to feel that connection

You let me see the real you, the one no one else knew
You let me hear what’s inside you, things I hope I can blew
You listened to what I had to say, it didn’t matter who I am
You valued my opinion, young and naive as I am

Everyday with you, I started to feel something new
Every ride with you, it was hard to say adieu
At night, I can’t sleep with the thoughts of you
Every day I find it hard to breathe when I’m with you

When it was finally time to say goodbye
I can only say what I felt was not a lie
I wanted to see more of you
If only you let me stay beside you

Don’t take me for a fool; I knew you cared about me too!
I didn’t find it hard to give a chance for us two
Just a little trust and a bit more love, don’t ponder
But you chose to let go and I was left to wonder

I knew you have her…but do you love her?
Ah, I knew the answer don’t bother
So, don’t tell me you’ll leave her if you can’t bear to lose her
Because I will be left to hope forever

I finally understand how it feels to love till it hurts
But now it’s time to move on
I won’t be waiting for your explanation
Thank you for giving me your short attention




Tonight the stars are so bright
The moon beams outside my window
Not a day or night passed by
When I don’t think of you

Tonight I wish to write something else
But my hand would only write your name
Then a symphony of love songs
Could be written in this poem

Tonight is especially cold
I wish you could hold me in your arms
Protect me from the cold of solitude
But I know that day would come

Tonight I wish you could sleep well
Because I dreamed about you again
That we could finally be together
Do you have the same dream too?