In a place where I didn’t expect to find it, I found love
To the person whom I didn’t expect to feel it, I fell in love
How did that happen? I still wonder so
But I could only recall the memories and oh!

I reminisced with a smile despite the pain inside
I remembered how we didn’t like each other for a while
Then one day you just asked me for a ride
What a crazy little favor on my side

It was the start of a new bond
Where two strangers become fond
Every ride was a chance of a long conversation
Where you and I began to feel that connection

You let me see the real you, the one no one else knew
You let me hear what’s inside you, things I hope I can blew
You listened to what I had to say, it didn’t matter who I am
You valued my opinion, young and naive as I am

Everyday with you, I started to feel something new
Every ride with you, it was hard to say adieu
At night, I can’t sleep with the thoughts of you
Every day I find it hard to breathe when I’m with you

When it was finally time to say goodbye
I can only say what I felt was not a lie
I wanted to see more of you
If only you let me stay beside you

Don’t take me for a fool; I knew you cared about me too!
I didn’t find it hard to give a chance for us two
Just a little trust and a bit more love, don’t ponder
But you chose to let go and I was left to wonder

I knew you have her…but do you love her?
Ah, I knew the answer don’t bother
So, don’t tell me you’ll leave her if you can’t bear to lose her
Because I will be left to hope forever

I finally understand how it feels to love till it hurts
But now it’s time to move on
I won’t be waiting for your explanation
Thank you for giving me your short attention

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