He was bored and I was lonely

We met up one day for a one night fun

He picked me up in his red car

We rode and talked for awhile

Found ourselves some place with a bed

No turning back, no regrets

He kissed me, I kissed back

We slowly got undress

Underneath the thin white blanket

Our bodies merged like we’re meant to be together

it felt so right, his body against mine

Our passion took us to another world

A few hours later we decided to part

Back in his car, we talked and shared our own stories

We laughed and joked like two couple does

At the passenger seat, sitting beside him

I saw his smiles and I wished I could touch his lips again

He told me his troubles and I wanted to comfort him

But who am I, really?

Just a stranger who merely knows his name

I wish he was mine, but he wasn’t

I wish it happened with love between us

Yet I knew better than to expect

More than a slight kiss for a goodbye

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