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Together Again



Friends are HARD to FIND. In a lifetime you will only get a FEW and when you FIND them you know them by sight and HEART alone, you always grow a little taller in your SOUL and you know you have been blessed just to KNOW them.”

Reunion with friends has always been my favorite stress reliever! Not only it gives me good vibes but it also helps me remember the good things in life are simple things and good friends.

It was about time to have a reunion with my two high school best friends; Charlene Alvarez and Kristen Anne Yu, who were also my first best friends in the Philippines. We go way back 3 years ago. We called each other ‘Bhie’ which is one of the sweetest nickname I am called until now. Our Friendship was so deep we don’t need everyday communication, all we have to do to rekindle our old friendship was a night of sleeping together and it felt like nothing changed between us.

It was funny how things go by fast, we changed since then and yet it felt like it was only yesterday when we last saw each other. Our friendship was so unique I have to look at our photos to be sure that what we did really happened.

The night before the three of us can finally be together, none of us actually feel asleep that the next day we both have dark rings around our eyes.

So what is really going on in girls sleepover? It’s always talk and more talk about the most serious thing in life and nothing in particular. We just want to listen to each other’s story. A few drama here and there and saying how we miss each other… while eating junk foods without guilt!

Thanks my dearest Bhies. you girls had been my sanctuary when I need it the most. Hope we grow old together with our friendship. 🙂