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No pain. No gain.

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There is no such thing as easy in this world. If you want something bad, you have to do something to get it. It’s funny how human crave for something they don’t have, while someone else is wishing to be in their place.

While we remind ourselves to be satisfied for what we have, we still work on gaining what we don’t have, and if we want them really bad, we are willing to make sacrifices.

I would never forget the day that I gave my all and made sacrifices just to have a better tomorrow. But I know that a year from now, I would thank myself for not listening to what people say, for taking the risk, for trying, for not giving up. There are just some days you are filled with emotions; that moment when you  just want to stop dreaming, give up and just be satisfied for what you have: A shelter, clothes, enough food, and warm family.

But when we have a shelter, we want it to be in our name. When we have food, we want it to be delicious. When we have clothes, we want it to be stylish, or at least presentable. And when we have a warm family… we want to give them the best that we can give them.

So why be satisfied when you know you can have better with just a little pain and hard work…or may be more?

This morning, I heard my dad matter a complain about life. I told him to better get to work because I don’t want to listen to such negativity. While you don’t have what you are  trying to get, stop complaining and instead work on them. It would make you productive and less negative. I know people think I dream so big, it’s ridiculous. But please, dreaming is the only free in this world and if you still deprive yourself of it, then you are missing something that makes life a little bit more meaningful.

And you can only stop dreaming when you start doing it. Every accomplishments start with the decision to try… what’s the lost in trying anyway? It will either get you there, or you will learn something that will get you there. Besides, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain.

Happy trying 🙂