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Chinese Proficiency Test

august 21 2014

I woke up this afternoon asking myself how slow I was moving forward in my Chinese proficiency. While I admit there is no hurry to be fluent in Chinese mandarin, I did commit myself in a goal that by December of 2014, I would achieve at least a conversational fluency which is enough to use for my exchange language. I seem to be forgetting that because I was too busy thinking of ways to have more business that I had forgotten the commitments I made to myself. Thanks to constant reminders of my Chinese friends who are waiting for me to have time for them, I feel guilty that I’m falling behind my studies and disappointing a lot of people who would love to learn some English in exchange for Chinese lessons.

So, I will get back on tract again, while I still can catch up but before doing that I tested myself how much I know using online CPT. The result didn’t made me happy nor sad. I could say it’s mama-huhu (so-so) because I know I could have done better if I was as keen as I used to be in self-studying.

Online schooling will teach you how to manage your time and how to be committed. At school, we learn to blame the teachers or our classmates if we fail, but online schooling taught me that no one is responsible for your own education but yourself. If you have discipline, know your priorities and take responsibility in what you do, you can get a good grade. If not, well… you know there’s no one to blame. 

Well, enough guilt and self-blame. I guess I gotta do what I can to catch up. Can you believe that it’s almost -ber months and in a few more months… it will be a new year? Time will never stop for no one. Do what you can do day. Because sometimes “later” becomes “never”.

Anyway, anyone wants to exchange language with me? If you know the standard mandarin, I’ll be happy to make another friend and learn from one another. thanks!