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Gotta go


Finally. I can officially say I’m awesome! lol… After going through a complicated relationship where I don’t know if I’m taken, engaged or just taken for granted, I finally know where I stand.

Relationship isn’t easy. It’s not a game that you play, or pretend you’re in. It consumes time, needs understanding, and it’s for mature people. It takes two to tango, and for relationship to work, both of you need to do something to make it work.

I never regretted a relationship no matter how bad it turned out to be. I see it as just another lesson. Spending time to get to know someone, liking them more and more as you get to know them and sharing something special is never a waste.

Someone told me that once you see a bad relationship, break it up as soon as possible. but I guess it’s okay to give it a second try if you think it’s worth it. The problem with women is they try to fix broken pieces even though they know it would be next to impossible, they still try so much for the sake of love. We are all foolish when in comes to love, nobody is to judge; all we have to keep in mind is to remember the lesson it gave us.

And for you, silly guy,  it was nice to meet you, to know you and to share a special bond with you. I’ll surely miss the times we shared but it’s time to move on… it was great to know a good guy like you and I hope we both found someone who can fulfill what each of us failed to do so.

Gotta go.